Article Topics Wanted for Publications

Interested in submitting an article for the Monthly Magazine

Please visit the Publication dates and deadlines for submission information.

  • Articles are requested to be between 500-700 words in length.
  • Photos and Image submissions are always appreciated, please make sure you have providence of the images submitted. 
  • Articles are to be purely educational with no sales pitches, and no direct references to a companies business (if submitted by a Vendor). 
  • All articles author credits in the monthly newsletters do get their logo listed, as well as a company credit including web link.
  • Magazine articles have the company logo or author's photo, as well as a company credit including web link, and a 20 word or less company or author bio.
  • Articles MUST be geared specifically towards the B&B industry, keeping in mind that B&Bs do not have the same budget allowance for marketing and operations as hotels do.

We are currently looking for article submissions on these topics. Monthly newsletter articles may have been printed elsewhere prior, we ask that Magazine articles be original non-published work.

Tech Related

  • How to build the perfect landing page for a promotion (as in what makes good content, good wording, good imagery)
  • Email marketing: How to write the perfect subject line, 
  • Email marketing: frequency and topics (ie how many or how little points and topics should be in one).  
  • How to build a great email list (with suggestions on how to generate subscribers legally),  
  • Explaining Google Analytics basics in very plain english to the layman
  • Social Media paid ads, what works, what doesn't, pros and cons. Either overviews of all the platforms or specific platforms, ie. Pinterest Promoted Pins.
  • Google adwords

Operations and Marketing

  • General operations 
  • General finance
  • Buying or selling an inn
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Computer Safety
  • Recipes or food tips
  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Advertising ideas outside the box
  • Unique package ideas
  • Dealing with damage from guests
  • Dealing with “cheap” guests
  • Strategies for the phone upsell
  • Green certification programs
  • Cancellation policies
  • Cost effective amenities
  • 2 Day room min vs 1 nighters
  • Kid friendly pros and cons
  • Dealing with early/late checkins
  • Winter weddings and theme weddings
  • Offline marketing
  • Innkeeper to Innkeeper

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