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PAII News You Can Use 4-21-2015

We accomplish much with expedient, convenient communication – text, email, conferencing, webinars … however, can any of these compare to a sit-down-at-the-table, face-to-face meeting?  Your PAII Board of Directors and Executive Director will be doing just that next week, at the Mayhurst Inn, Orange Virginia.  Board member Jack North will be our host and most of us will be meeting one another for the first time.

What’s on our agenda?  We’ll be taking our discussions of membership (services, dues), 2016 conference (presenters), advisory council (composition), industry study, educational materials and more, to the level of detail that enables us to fully implement them.  Do youhave input on these or other items?  If yes, send a note to me at

PAII was pleased to welcome Daniel E. Craig (Renown) to the 2015 conference in New Orleans – his presentation “Advanced Online Reputation Management for Innkeepers” was a practical guide to ‘how and where’ to manage online reviews & social media content related to your inn.    In this issue of News You Can Use, we ‘ve included a follow-up entitled “An Online Reputation Management Checklist.”

Silent, Professional, Social, Aggressive, Empathetic, Assertive, Compensatory … who knew there were so many types of complainers? (ok, maybe some of us did!) Find out how to deal with one type and what they want in “Dealing with Complaints: The Empathetic Complainer” – this seems to be a tricky one.

And finally, an account of an airbnb guest “I could see my artery, the tendons exposed and the muscle. There was blood everywhere” and the experience of choosing properties offering lodging  “without bothering with local licensing rules or all the usual red tape.”  This article is also a cautionary tale for potential hosts, noting “Insurance companies frown upon people turning their houses into hostels and have even threatened to cancel the policies of homeowners who do this. While Airbnb knew this when it started in 2008, it began to provide liability insurance for its hosts only late last year. And that coverage is secondary: Hosts have to make initial claims to their own insurers, which may cancel the policies if they find out about the hosts’ innkeeping activities.”
Until next week –
Kris Ullmer, PAII Executive Director
News You Can Use:
An Online Reputation Management Checklist

Dealing with Complaints: The Empathetic Complainer

Industry News:
Top 10 Benefits to Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

Questions About Airbnb’s Responsibility After Attack by Dog  

Social Media & SEO Changes Innkeepers Should be aware of:
This tool allows you to create custom Google Maps animations for different digital perspective

Featured Past PAII Webinar from our Archives:
Creative Ideas For Plating And Garnishing

Innkeeping Recipes:
From the Nebraska Bed and Breakfast Association 
Sweet Corn Frittata from the kitchen of Whispering Pines B&B

Upcoming Webinars (more dates and topics coming soon!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Google Local - Only The Top 3 Remain!
Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have recently changed yet again!
Yes - it's a known fact that Google changes all the time - but their most recent change for "Bed and Breakfast" and "Lodging" phrases has minimized the Local playing field down to the top 3 contenders.  Local Listings 4-7 have dropped away.  If you used to be in the 7 pack, you may not be ranking locally at all now.  If you are not aware of the difference between Local and Organic (FREE) placement, and haven't recognized this latest change and its effect on your placement, we welcome you to come to this webinar to learn more about Local vs. Organic, and what role your Website does and doesn't play in the Google Search Result Pages.  It's a must know for all Innkeepers and Property Owners!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Pros & Cons of offering Pet Friendly Rooms
Before you open or convert your property to being pet friendly, you must first decide if youare willing to make your property accommodate the needs, wants and potential issues as well as the potential profits that pets and their owners can bring to your property. Learn about the pros and cons of offering pet friendly rooms, where and how to advertise and how to make sure your property is covered for liability.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
The 5 Greatest Marketing Challenges
In a recent survey, over 400 innkeepers let us know their biggest marketing challenges. We will present practical solutions for the top five: planning your social media strategy, tracking return on investment, working with OTAs, understanding SEO, and perfecting your photos.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Understanding the Guest Experience, presented by Liz Day
Ever wondered what your guests experience during the entire booking process? Join Liz Day from RezStream as she helps you market your property better by understanding how guests find your website on the search engines, what they want when they arrive on your website, and how to guide them through the booking process. Don’t forget about the analytical reporting review as she helps you understand what you need to look at and how to process that information.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Benefits of RezStream Cloud, presented by Josh Wise
Thinking of upgrading your reservation software? See why many hoteliers are talking about the RezStream Cloud. No longer do you need to be in the office to see what’s happening at the property, simply login to your account on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Learn about the benefits of the property management software and the features that helps you run your business better.

Don’t forget, We have set up an e-mail address for you to ask questions and make comments directly to your board.

Recordings are available from the 2015 PAII Conference at 

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