Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Conference Partner Spotlight Q4Launch

Q4Launch is an integrated marketing company whose passion lies in destination marketing. We use our marketing methodology to increase traffic to our customers' websites, to turn that anonymous traffic into leads, and to help turn those leads into bookings. Our goal for every single customer is to provide them with a 200-300% return on their marketing investment. Some of the methods we employ include SEO, blogging, email marketing, social media management, and web design, and we've recently began increasing revenue for our customers through yield management tactics.

The biggest challenge for innkeepers today is staying relevant in the ever-changing world or internet marketing. Innkeepers don't have time to do it themselves, so this part of their business usually falls by the wayside. The challenge for the industry is to always change to meet the demands of the modern traveler.

Having a great room isn't quite enough anymore. Nowadays, it's extremely important to create an entire experience at your property. Sure, innkeepers are great at giving the personal touch, but how can you convey a great experience through your digital presence? The answer is content marketing, and we don't believe it's going away. Content marketing allows innkeepers to tell their story consistently throughout the world of the internet.

Without a doubt, it's the relationships we build with our innkeepers. After working so closely with so many innkeepers across the country, we've become more like a family than anything else!

Yes! We have been quite successful already by helping our customers increase their revenue by utilizing yield management. Admittedly, some were skeptical at first, but the customers who have charged ahead have seen huge revenue increases. We're excited to continue to build this part of our business. In addition, we have started producing just websites for innkeepers, whereas in the past, we haven't separated web design out from our integrated marketing package.


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