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PAII News You Can Use 9-8-2015

Who didn’t labor on Labor Day? Who doesn’t work on weekends? In the Innkeeping business, we’re all too often working so that others can have a getaway and be refreshed. Sure, it’s what we’ve chosen to do … but savvy innkeepers know that they MUST make the time to recharge.  In just a few months, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that – at the 2016 PAII Innkeeping Show.  We’re working on the program and events (so you don’t have to) and will share the latest with you as plans are finalized.

On to News You Can Use now!
In “Using Guest Reviews to Pave the Path to Greater Engagement”, TripAdvisor provides insights, on how the actions taken by a property can increase their page views, visibility, and revenue.  What actions?  Taking ownership of the property's page, registering in the TripAdvisor Management Center, publishing at least 10 Management Photos, responding to at least 25% of reviews and adding direct contact information.  And, there are a few tips on asking for / encouraging reviews.
Check out the sidebar links too.  There’s a “Setting up Google Analytics” video and step-by-step narrative.  As many of you know, Google Analytics will track where your website visitors are coming from / what devices are they using / what pages are they going to and much more. And, it’s still free!  Another sidebar link “Showcase a five-bubble review – right on your website” walks you through the process.

What's Happening to Online Bookings?
While a picture says a thousand words, this graphic says quite a bit too.  Where are people booking? What are people looking for? What will keep bookings on site?  And, this may speak the loudest:  for every 1% gain by airbnb, hotels lose .05% in revenue per quarter. Consumer reviews, video, and social media are confirmed as highly used & valued by travelers.

And with that segue:  our next link explores Facebook Pages Get New, YouTube-Like Tools For Publishing & Managing Videos

The Innkeepers Dilemma: to Renew or not Renew your Trip Advisor Business Listing
This webinar – just initially presented in June – explores the pros / cons from the experience of an innkeeper. What do you actually get with the listing? Is Trip Connect a good value for the cost? How accurate is Trip Advisor’s “Your Performance” report – which is their estimate of the number of bookings you’ve received from their listing. Will Google Analytics confirm or differ from these results? This 1 hour webinar was developed for PAII by John Finneran, Caldwell House in Salisbury Mills NY.
This webinar – and dozens of others – are archived on the PAII website for viewing by PAII members anytime!

This week, the Innkeeping Show Vendor Partner Spotlight shines on InnStyle!
If you’ve even been to a PAII Innkeeping Show, you’ve been warmly greeted by Susan or Louis, surrounded by linens artfully presented in their booth. At the Show, you’ll feel the fabric, check the colors … and this personal shopping service continues long after the show.  Did you know that InnStyle will send samples to you (at their expense), and prices are wholesale to our industry without ‘by the dozen’ minimums. Read more at the PAII blog … and be sure to stop by the booth this January in Austin!

A REMINDER: Answers for Your Toughest Marketing Challenges SURVEY
PAII has partnered with LivingSocial to bring you a tool to assess your marketing choices and challenges. STEP ONE is the survey, STEP TWO is the report and webinar.  
Share the marketing challenges & solutions you’ve experienced in a 5-10 minute survey.  Your responses - and those of your fellow PAII member innkeepers - will be gathered for an exclusive industry study for PAII members and consolidated into a full-feature report called The 2015 B&B Challenges and Trends Report.
On Wednesday October 14th PAII will host the webinar presented by Living Social which analyzes your top 3 challenges, along with real like strategies to increase your business.
Thank you for your participation - and of course, the more innkeepers that participate, the more valuable the information will be!

Innkeeping Show
As we continue to plan the Innkeeping Show, we’d very much like to hear from YOU – the attendees!  The conference will be a mix of familiar favorites (there's no escaping technology & marketing updates!) and new faces. Our approach for industry partner/vendors and speakers this year is different; so too will be the results.  Thanks to those of you who have sent specific suggestions - those are exactly what we need to tailor a conference to the needs & wants of attendees.  I invite you to send an email to me with your suggestions – and do be sure to include specific contact info so that I can follow up.  (kris@paii.org)
Photo & Recipe Contest Rules on PAII Blog … and much more

Our Fall Photo & Recipe contest rules are posted on the blog http://paiiinnkeepers.blogspot.com for your convenience – we’re looking forward to receiving these from you and providing your inn with some free exposure.  BTW – fall / end of the third quarter of the year - means something different to each one of us, depending on our location. Show fellow innkeepers what ‘fall’ is at your B&B! You have until September 15 to submit your entries.

‘til next time
Kris Ullmer, PAII Executive Director

Photo Contests:
Deadline for entering has been extended to September 15, 2015: Details and Contest Rules for the PAII Member’s Recipe Contest For Our Fall Innkeeping Now Magazine! http://paiiinnkeepers.blogspot.com/2015/07/paii-recipe-contest-for-our-fall.html and PAII Photo Contests For Our Fall Innkeeping Now Magazine! http://paiiinnkeepers.blogspot.com/2015/07/paii-photo-contests-for-our-fall.html

News You Can Use:
Research] Key Insights from “Using Guest Reviews to Pave the Path to Greater Engagement” - See more at: http://www.tripadvisor.com/TripAdvisorInsights/n2656/research-key-insights-using-guest-reviews-pave-path-greater-engagement#sthash.Scr7bbsM.dpuf

Industry News:
What's Happening to Online Bookings? {Infographic}

Social Media & SEO Changes Innkeepers Should be aware of:
Facebook Pages Get New, YouTube-Like Tools For Publishing & Managing Videos http://marketingland.com/facebook-pages-get-new-youtube-like-tools-for-publishing-managing-videos-136043

Featured Past PAII Webinar from our Archives:
The Innkeeper s Dilemma, - to Renew or not Renew your Trip Advisor Business Listing

Innkeeping Recipes:
From the Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia http://www.innvirginia.com  
Pumpkin Nut Muffins from the kitchen of the Oak Grove Plantation B&B http://www.innvirginia.com/recipes.php?r=40

Conference Vendor Spotlight:

Upcoming Webinars for PAII Members
(you will need to login to your PAII account) 

Association Webinars (Open to All)
Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
Member Retention and Acquisition for Associations
It has become harder and harder for Associations, not just Bed and Breakfast Associations to retain and acquire new members. We will go over what's working, what's not and the latest and best models for retention and member acquisition.
-PAII Staff
This webinar is open to anyone in the Bed and Breakfast industry, please register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7923487976926361602

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
7 Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website
If putting more heads in beds is a priority of yours, then increasing traffic to your website needs to be a priority, as well! They will explain the 7 Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website. A few of the strategies they will discuss include familiar subjects like email marketing and blogging, while a few of the other strategies are centered around goal setting and measuring success.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
Mistakes That Cost You Money
Lisa Kolb will go over some of the mistakes made by SMBs (small business owners) that can cost them a lot money in the long-run, generally made from not knowing the big consequences of what seemed like a small decision. Knowing about these consequences can help you to avoid the pitfalls of a bad decision and make more money!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
Top 10 Online Marketing Recommendations for Inn Websites
Learn how you can optimize and leverage your inn's website, and use content marketing tactics to gather more leads, grow your business and compel more visitors to book direct at the site. From solid principles to progressive tactics, we'll look at strategies, tips from the trenches, and compare tools with a goal of increasing revenue and profitability. We will cover in more detail the ideas presented in this post -http://webdirexion.com/online-marketing/hotel-inn-marketing/10-marketing-tips-for-increasing-profitability-at-your-inn

Don’t forget, We have set up an e-mail address questions@PAII.org for you to ask questions and make comments directly to your board. 

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