Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Conference Partner Spotlight InnPayment

InnPayment (parent name is Yapstone) is a credit card processor that is the leader in the industry, processing over 14 billion dollars a year across all verticals. We have several reservation software affiliates that have direct integrations with our system. Included are RezOvation/Webervation (both are HomeAway products), Innkeeper’s Advantage, and Reservation Key. We also offer a FLAT rate of 2.5%. No set up fees, monthly fees, or processing fees. Our clients and/or their guests can make payments online, over the phone, or in person by using our services. We have a call center that is open 5 AM PDT – 9 PM PDT as well as a dedicated account management team to help resolve and issues or questions.

What trends are you seeing in your own specific industry that are important to innkeepers? Processors typically charge extra fees, as well as hidden fees, on top of the rate that they quote. We don’t charge any additional fees or hidden fees. We charge a flat 2.5% across the board for Visa/MC/Discover domestic. International cards do incur a higher fee. AMEX is a flat $0.50 on top of whatever rate they charge. This is a trend that we started long ago and are continuing, making InnPayment a very desirable company to use for processing credit cards. More and more, people want to book and pay online. We enable them and our clients to do so either via the reservation software program, or through our system directly.

What is your favorite thing about the B&B industry? The fact that it is a small, niche market where people in the industry know each other and help each other.


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