Monday, November 9, 2015

Conference Partner Spotlight Inn Consulting Partners

While Inn Consulting Partners has gone through several name iterations in its 35 years of serving the Innkeeping community, a constant theme has been its efforts to provide quality, ethical service to all.  A primary function of Inn partners is to bring together buyers and sellers in successful transfers.

Another constant has been the roles of longtime partners, Bill Oates, and his spouse, Heide Bredfeldt.  Bill is the numbers guy, while Heide, a trained psychologist, focuses on the personal side of Innkeeping.  Tim Piper has joined us after 11 years as a partner of a Select Registry Bed and Breakfast in Vermont and a lifetime of hospitality management.  He is the current president of the Vermont Inn and Bed and Breakfast Association (VIBBA).   

Inn Partners has consulted in the sale of over 300 Bed and Breakfasts and Inns in the United States (and two in Europe!).  Their ultimate goal is to facilitate successful transfers for both buyers and sellers.  Believing knowledge is critical, Inn Partners offers regular seminars for aspiring Innkeepers.  Whether you are looking to purchase an Inn or are thinking of selling your Inn, Inn Partners has the experience and the tools to make the transition a success.

They believe the biggest challenges are created by the division in the industry.  Education is critical for prospective Innkeepers and current Innkeepers and staying ahead of the curve is necessary to maintain quality in service, attention to details and to anticipate guests' needs.  They are longtime members of PAII and are proud of this association, as the organization has proven itself to be more vital than ever as a source of education and inspiration in the hospitality industry. 

Some significant trends are the rise of millennial consumers and the need this creates for Innkeepers to engage with social media and staying up-to-date with the desires of this segment of travelers.  (Marketing is key!)  Another is the obvious effect that the sharing economy, specifically Airbnb, has had and will continue to have on the segment of the hospitality industry.  Come find them to discuss these trends and others!

Our favorite thing about the B&B industry is the people.  We always look forward to visiting with longstanding friends and making new ones.

Over the last year, Inn Partners has refined its buyer consulting program, recognizing the importance of education and guidance in the transfer process.  They continue to consult with many fine Inns throughout the country and offer consulting on every level, from marketing and operational consulting to our transfer consulting program.  For prospective buyers, their Seminar for Future Innkeepers is the perfect entree into the world of Innkeeping.   

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