Monday, January 11, 2016

Conference Partner Spotlight JOMY

 In 500 words or less, please tell us about your business:

JOMY is a Belgium company that manufactures fire safety and other building access solutions.   Since  1968, JOMY has developed and produced Five (5) safety applications:

 Emergency egress from public or private buildings;

•   Industry access at heights;

•   Building access;

•   Façade access;

•  Industrial architectures for interior and exterior.

JOMY sells its ladders and fire escapes in over 35 countries including the United States and

Canada.  In the United States, special emphasis is directed at fire escape ladders for

existing homes, apartments and other multi-family residential occupancies and industrial

access solutions.

What do you see as the biggest challenges to the innkeeping industry at this time?

As it relates to our products, JOMY believes your biggest challenge is the safety of your guests.  People visiting inns do not want to worry about their personal safety while they are spending time at your inn. Providing safe and accessible egress in the event of fire in your inn helps alleviate their concerns and makes their visit more enjoyable. Once installed, a brief demonstration of the ladders at the beginning of each visit assures a worry free stay at your inn.

What trends are you seeing in your own, specific industry that are important to 


We provide affordable maintenance free fire escape solutions for existing buildings including older,
buildings. Many of the building used as inns are in buildings built prior to uniform regulated building codes.  That, with the addition of remodeling and utilization of modern interior furnishings and décor, make these occupancies particularly susceptible to rapid-growth fires.  Our ladders provide a margin of safety that gives both the innkeepers and guests piece of mind.

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