Thursday, December 31, 2015

Conference Partner Spotlight Purewater Baths

In 500 words or less, please tell us about your business:
In 1993, as bath manufacturers, we decided to address the fact that there was no effective solution for removing the residue and dangerous bacteria found in the hidden pipes and air channels of traditional whirlpool baths.  After 7 years of research and development, SANIJET Pipeless™ technology was born, the world’s first and only whirlpool jets that require no pipes, air channels, bulky pumps or blowers.  
Since 2000, SANIJET Pipeless™ technology has been the driving force behind the ultimate blend of powerful hydromassage, unmatched sanitation, and unrivaled peace and quiet.
Purewater Baths, engineered with SANIJET’s Pipeless™ technology, provide the cleanest, quietest hydrotherapy in the world.  Our jets are powered by individual motors that greatly reduce noise while eliminating the need for pipes, pumps, and air channels that hide stagnant water.  
With our innovative design cleaning and maintenance are quick and easy.  The annual maintenance savings for cleaning our bath compared to piped whirlpool baths is over $1,000 per bathtub and approximately 17,000 gallons of water per bathtub!  
Purewater Baths, engineered with SANIJET’s Pipeless™ technology function quietly and smoothly compared to the noisy, rumbling sounds of most piped whirlpool baths and air tubs.  In fact, when comparing the two systems, Purewater Baths are typically quieter than a normal conversation while many piped and air whirlpool baths sound like a small jet plane is taking off from your bathroom.  And our baths dramatically reduces water heat loss eliminating the need for costly in-line heaters.
What do you see as the biggest challenges to the Innkeeping industry at this time?
The biggest challenge would be the balancing act.  You may have a couple of people doing everything from marketing to customer service.  And with social media today the comments customers have online have a huge impact on a small business.  Everyone shares their experiences with their network of friends on social media.   
What trends are you seeing in your own, specific industry that are important to innkeepers?
Whirlpool baths have always been an amenity providing guests a sanctuary where they can relax.   Couples enjoy a nice romantic whirlpool bathing experience together.   Some people just want to relieve stress in peace and quiet.  Others want to ease their aches and pains after a long day of travels or site seeing.  Sadly we have seen more people are moving toward soaking tubs because they are very aware of the issues with traditional piped whirlpool baths.  Purewater Baths is a very important industry trend for innkeepers providing guests with a spa like hydrotherapy experience and the assurance the bath can be totally cleaned, no hidden pipes or channels.  Another trend is ease of use and low maintenance.  We fit that bill too!   Did we mention the peace and quiet?
What is your favorite thing about the B&B community?
Everyone is very personable.  We love the focus on comfort and at home feeling.  They want their guests to have the best.
Do you have any new products/services that you’re introducing this year?
We are offering our customers and our Inn Keepers an exciting opportunity.   It is very exciting for us as well!  We sell factory direct and do not have showrooms.  Many customers want to see the baths before purchasing.   We have developed a program called Bed, Breakfast and Bath so they can try before they buy.   On our website you can put in a zip code and find a Bed and Breakfast that has our baths.   If a potential customer stays at one of those Bed and Breakfasts to experience a Purewater Bath and purchases our bath we will deduct the cost of their stay, up to $200, from the cost of the bath.   New customers that get to actually bathe in our bath in an awesome atmosphere, Inn Keepers get new business and we gain a new customer.  It is a win-win-win.  Check out our B, B & B program on our website.

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