Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Professional Photo Judges

Peter Billard Photographer

Peter's interest in photography began as a teenager while living with his family in Europe. After college and muddling around a short while, he's been in business the last 35 years as Peter Billard Photographer. Peter chose a while back to specialize in shooting portraits for professional and business clients. And his personal interest in photography outside of work remains broad and deep.

The success of the people I work for is paramount. Being a visual artist and well-grounded business person, I know the value of making clients look their absolute best.
It is my endeavor to maintain only the highest professional standards of work and service for clients who similarly appreciate such values.
Attendant with that goal is the need to communicate effectively both through careful listening and articulation.

I firmly believe in creating photographs that bring value to whatever service or product you are selling. The benefit in sales or orders you expect to gain will be enhanced by using exceptional photographs.

Karen Winterholer, Fine Art Photography

I have had a love for art my whole life beginning with watercolors and pen-and-ink drawings. As a young girl growing up in Noank, Connecticut, my artist father taught me about composition and color, and I exhibited at outdoor art shows with him. In college, I did commissioned work for extra spending money.

 In 2002, I turned from watercolors to photography as an outlet for my creativity. I am a self-taught photographer, and I love what I do! The beauty of the New England countryside, its old buildings and botanicals, became the subjects of my photos. Eager to take my landscape and nature photos to an even more creative level, I began learning and using new digital techniques such as HDR (high dynamic range) and IR (Infrared) photography.

My passion is not only to capture the beauty and magic of a landscape or flower, but to deliver the emotion I felt at the moment I captured the image. The artist in me feels excitement, anticipation, and satisfaction during the process from the click of the shutter to the final print.

When someone viewing my art also experiences the magic and emotion, I know I have been successful. I have been a juried member of the Hillsborough Area Artisans, a member of the Monadnock Area Artists Association, The New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists, and New Hampshire Made, and my unique necklaces have been featured in The Kearsarge Magazine.

(Karen also was an innkeeper for many years)

 Sam Locastro, Photographer

As an Award Winning Photographer with 30 years experience, Sam Locastro is a proven professional with extensive training in custom children, family, teen, and wedding photography. In addition, he has been selected for assignments with large national organizations such as a national sign company and a large university for homecoming  events for three consecutive years.

Sam has been in business since 1995 and all package images include art-work enhancements. He will be there to capture your most important moments and will conduct a special walkthrough to add quality and beauty to your images.

Membership: Professional Photographers of America 

Rick Libbey, Photographer

Meet “The MooseMan”…..Rick Libbey has a unique approach to photographing wildlife; he shoots from a kayak using a mix of Nikon film and digital cameras. He has slowly built the MooseMan company and simply loves to share his adventures from the woods. Rick loves to work locally with other businesses and also has a strong recycling theme within the company.

MooseMan resides on the board of director’s of Second Chance Wildlife, a facility dedicated to saving baby black bears that have lost their mothers. It is this work that Rick is passionate about as well as spreading the word about how to enjoy wildlife in a respectful manner. Rick resides in Andover, NH .


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