Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome Cloudbeds!

This is the first of many "spotlights" we'd like to shine on our industry vendor partners who have committed to showing at the Trade Show in January. 

As Cloudbeds says on their website, they want to help their customers “spend less time with spreadsheets and more time with your guests.”

Cloudbeds' award-winning, browser-based hospitality management software is trusted by thousands of hotels, hostels, inns and groups in over 115 countries. Truly an international company, they have offices in San Diego, São Paulo, and Dublin.

Brandon Dennis of Cloudbeds was one of the first to sign up for the 2016 Trade Show.  You might remember Brandon from previous PAII trade shows.  We are thrilled that he is now with Cloudbeds and bringing their software solutions to our Innkeeping community.

When asked what challenges he sees for the Innkeeping industry, Brandon pointed out the necessity for innkeepers to master technology, both to operate their businesses more efficiently, but also to find new guests.

He went on to say that one key trend he has seen is that guests seem to be splintering off from the big OTAs. He feels that guests today are “finding small, niche online communities that cater to their specific interests. These can include backpacking or adventuring.”

“While it's important to stay connected to the big OTAs if you have much inventory to fill,” Brandon says, “it's also well worth the time finding and connecting to the small, niche marketplaces out there that fit your inn's style and charm.”

What do Brandon and Cloudbeds like best about the Innkeeping industry? “We love the limitless creativity innkeepers put into their properties. Whether it is specific themes for each room, or lavish gardens, the quirks of each B&B make them destinations in and of themselves.”

Looks like Cloudbeds will fit right in with our members!

Learn more about Cloudbeds:

-Ruth Ann Hattori, PAII Conference Coordinator

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