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PAII News You Can Use 7-7-2015

Greetings PAII Members, Former Members and Not-Yet Members:
We appreciate your kind words and encouragement for PAII’s weekly communication to you – and we welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.  As mentioned recently, we’ll begin the News You Can Use with an update on the issues affecting the ‘level playing field’ for all lodging properties.

Attracting Corporate Travelers to B&Bs
What innkeeper doesn’t welcome the mid-week business traveler? What is needed to attract and retain business travelers? Let’s get the answer directly from a business traveler who provides a list of must-have amenities including an ironing board, large-enough desk, surge protectors, luggage racks, and a printer/copier. Certainly do-able!  We’ll also make a suggestion on how to get the word out: add your B&B to your state/regional B&B association’s “find an inn for business travel” websearch and sign up / accept the government employee rate - consider it a marketing investment.

Soon You Can Slide Into Twitter DMs…
Oh what a relief! (and that’s 140-14 = 126 characters remaining) Twitter announced the removal of the 140 character limit in Direct Messages beginning in July.  Read the recommendations to ensure all your applications and services can handle these longer format messages.

How Associations can use Social Media…
I’m marking Wednesday July 8 at 2 pm EST on my calendar – and I’m expecting B&B Association executives / officers to join me at this webinar:   How Associations can use Social Media to help market their members.  While innkeepers struggle to find the time to use Social Media – as do Association Leaders – there are additional challenges for leaders.  Where do we get the copy? How do we ‘spread the wealth’ among members? How to post text that is enticing and not overtly promotional? Which sites are worth the investment of time?  How can we maximize distribution?  SOME of these will be addressed at the webinar – let’s get a discussion going on the Key Leaders forum and learn what’s been successful / not so much - from each other!

Next week – to keep to our regular schedule of one communication per week, watch for your Member’s Monthly e-magazine on July 15th.
‘til next week, Kris Ullmer, PAII Executive Director

Airbnb News
PAII Sponsored Meeting at Mayhurst Inn with US Congress Representative David Brat, 7th District, Virginia, 23 June, 2015 – Subject “The Sharing Economy” read more at:

Anti-Airbnb ad accuses company of making the rich richer

News You Can Use:
Attracting Corporate Travelers to Bed and Breakfasts

Industry News:
Social Media & SEO Changes Innkeepers Should be aware of:
Soon You Can Slide Into Twitter DMs, Leave Long-Winded Messages   

Featured Past PAII Webinar from our Archives:
DIY Public Relations

Innkeeping Recipes:
From the Kansas Bed and Breakfast Association
Amish Sweet Rolls-Cinnamon Rolls from the kitchen of the Henderson House Inn & Retreat Center

Conference Update:  Conference Partner Spotlight
The Hospitality Marketing Summit (HMS) brings to the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show a well-deserved focus on marketing trends, strategy and technology. HMS partners Acorn Internet Services, Inc., and White Stone Marketing are perennial industry leaders, and we are excited that they are helping PAII to fulfill its goal of ever-improving education for Innkeepers.

Upcoming Webinars (free for members)
Please register at (you will need to login to your PAII account)
Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
How Associations Can Use Social Media to Help Market Their Members
Learn how associations can use social media to help promote their members, the channels that are available to them and how to best aggregate and distribute content.
–PAII Staff

Open to all Attendees: Register now at:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015,  2:00 PM EST
Understanding the Guest Experience, presented by Liz Day
Ever wondered what your guests experience during the entire booking process? Join Liz Day from RezStream as she helps you market your property better by understanding how guests find your website on the search engines, what they want when they arrive on your website, and how to guide them through the booking process. Don’t forget about the analytical reporting review as she helps you understand what you need to look at and how to process that information.

Please visit for a full list of upcoming webinars.

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